Texans star J.J. Watt spoke with on a wide range of topics, including the new show - - that he's hosting with his brothers, how he's handling staying at 36棋牌 and his thoughts on ESPN's "The Last Dance."

He also was asked about the Texans trading away receiver DeAndre Hopkins in March, who Watt said "has the best hands in the game."


"(The trade) certainly catches your eye, that's for sure," . "It's always tough to lose a guy like that, no matter what the situation is. It's above my pay grade and it's something that obviously the team and the organization feels is in the best interest of the team. So, as a player on the team, I do my job and I go to work and I play the games, and the GM and the owners, they do their job and they try and do what they feel is best for the team. And so, all I can do is show up and go to work and hope that all the guys that we have are great contributors to our team."

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The 27-year-old Hopkins, who was All-Pro three times in his seven seasons in Houston, along with a fourth-round pick for running back David Johnson, a second round pick - which ended up being TCU defensive tackle Ross Blacklock - and a 2021 fourth-round pick.

Browse through the photos at the top of the page for a look at players' reactions to the trade when it happened in March.