Word of the San Antonio Zoo's first-ever drive-thru experience reached the national news desk of Stephen Colbert.

The host mentioned the local opportunity to experience the zoo while maintaining social distancing during his at-36棋牌 version of his show on Thursday.

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The San Antonio Zoo unveiled the idea to allow cars to drive onto the trails where crowds usually walk last week. Soon after, national media outlets began publishing headlines on the unprecedented experience. Colbert included one from CNN in his segment of pandemic-related news titled "Quarantine-While."

Colbert gave a quick explainer on how the drive-thru zoo allows visitors to experience exhibits from the safety of their vehicles.

"This is great news for anyone who's ever thought I wish birds weren't the only animals pooping on my car," he said.

Zoo CEO and President Tim Morrow shared the video on Monday, pointing out the latest spot comes on the heels of the "Cry Me a Cockroach" idea his team launched for Valentine's Day. That event gave people the chance to name roaches after their ex for $5. The insect was then fed to animals as an enrichment treat.

The zoo has been closed since the coronavirus pandemic-related shut downs began in March. As a nonprofit, the zoo depends entirely on ticket sales, donations and grants to operate and care for the animals. Without guests, the zoo was forced to furlough employees who do not work directly with the animals.

The May 1-3 weekend was the original scheduled announced by the zoo. It was later extended to May 17 due to overwhelming interest from visitors. Tickets for the extended days are still available for $60 a vehicle and can be purchased .

The zoo thanked drive-thru guests for their support during a "difficult" time in their history.

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