H-E-B fans can light a prayer candle for their favorite grocery chain with a new pin.

Name Pinding, the Austin-based design company known for sought-after products like the "Fiesta Popovich" medal, has released a limited edition of a pin in honor of H-E-B. The prayer candle first launched in the fall, but is a bestseller, amid the growing appreciation for H-E-B's coronavirus pandemic readiness and response.

Matthew Benoit, the owner of Name Pinning, said he and his wife were inspired to make the pin by the "feels like 36棋牌" vibe H-E-B stores have.

"We always joked around about moving to another city outside of Texas but immediately thought 'What we would do for food? How would we manage without HEB,'" Benoit added. "I thought it would be a fun idea to make a little tribute design to HEB. People are passionate about their grocery stores and an ode to the best one made sense."

Though the original release of the pin came months before the pandemic began affecting Texas, Benoit sad H-E-B's handling of the situation "soldified" his love for the store.

The H-E-B prayer candle pin is available on for $10 and is nearly 2 inches tall. H-E-B employees have left reviews showing how they've attached the pin to their badges. Vinyl stickers of the design are also available on the Etsy shop for $2.

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